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Since 1975

The owners of Oscars Alterations have over 30 years experience in the fashion industry.

They have worked for well know Australian and international fashion labels, providing services such as pattern making and garment making.

Their experience in extensive pattern making, for both men’s and ladies apparel, coupled with extensive garment making experience, make them the perfect place to trust your clothes for alternation repairs and reformation.

Oscars Alterations services is different to that of other alteration services due to their experience and level of service that they provide.

Come and try our services and we will deliver the best available service.

Leather Garments Alteration

Leather clothing has always had a steady following. Various styles have come and gone, but there is always popular leather clothing.
Individuals may need leather garments altered to fit their build. Or else they may simply want some suitable stylistic changes.
Leather is obviously quite a different thing to most materials. We specialise in making alterations in this especially heavy type of garment.

Motorcycle Suit Repair

The heavy wear factor and protection offered by leather make it suitable for motorcycle enthusiasts. Good solid leather jackets and accessories offer a fairly substantial amount of protection for motorcycle riders.


Even the toughest garments are not beyond wear and tear, and leather garments will eventually need some basic maintenance. We specialize in this type of work. More often it is the stitching that need repair; leather itself rarely tears.

Accidental damage

An accident in unfortunate. But if a leather garment has protected you it has proved a worthy investment.
Need that jacket repaired after some serious damage? We can completely restore your garment. Be safe and comfortable in you leather gear.